Alternative Male Sexual Enhancement Methods
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Alternative Male Sexual Enhancement Methods

Many men's health interests discussed centered around male enhancement. Natural male enhancement and products information given for improved health.

Beyond the little blue pill, Viagra, and other male enhancement pills lie methods to treat the over 30 million men who have some symptoms of sexual dysfunction. Of those numbers stated nearly 90% will not be contacting their doctor for testosterone levels to be evaluated as well as a large percentage will not be mentioning natural enhancement methods to their physician after the age of 50.

Men and libido

Embarrassment is a key reason why erectile dysfunction is not discussed at length with the doctor whether the professional is male or female. If even mentioned as men walk out the door, male enhancement pills could be asked for, knowing the visit is nearly over, hoping to receive Viagra sample until next time. If a complete physical has been done recently, the professional health care provider confidently generally gives a three or five pill sample blister pack. When the results are favorable as the ingredients create blood flow to the penis and the cycle is complete to treat men's sexual health with pills, men will again seek those sexual enhancement pills.

According to the companies websites some side effects are reported which can be temporary or slight in nature. Some residual medication ingredients remain in the men's body for 2 days. See the link below for men's health confirmation.

Women's libido and male partner erectile dysfunction

Not wanting to create more damage to the male partner's ego, women will quite often talk to their doctors about libido, sex, erectile dysfunction in their partner or enhancement issues. Through that communication the doctor will advise the partner, needing enhancement consultation, to schedule an appointment. After consideration, some women will not suggest that, which turns the burden of action to the men, who will sometimes act on their own using the Internet.

Internet male enhancement method information

Male enhancement pills are prevalent on the Internet, most without a prescription or a doctor's consultation at all.  Risks involve men's health through using these products because of interactions with medicines they are taking for other health reasons. Furthermore men think OTC or non prescription ingredients could not harm and allow privacy in self administering these enhancement products. Physicians are willing to assist men patients with a selection of alternative male sexual enhancement methods when asked.

Dr. Runels MD offers ancient Chinese methods that intertwine the use of OTC enhancement pills and prescriptions in combination. Even with his experience it is recommended to consult with the men's health care provider before embarking on the use of additional pills of any type.  Dr. Runels has an internet book and  a written composition explaining a 15 day course to improve life and sex for men. Please see the link below for further research.

Sexual enhancement with FDA

Yohimbe ingredients can be found in the list of FDA approved sexual enhancement pills making that medication a prescription for men. Xytomax contains yohimbe which is tested to help the body promote better blood flow to the penis for erectile dysfunction.

When visiting the Virectin sexual enhancement site FDA (Federal Drug Administration) will be mentioned. This means the FDA inspected the facility to only ensure the productivity of the product, not  meaning the ingredients are FDA approved.

Natural sexual enhancement

Proper diet contributes to good men's health in all forms, so sexual performance is no exception.

Alcohol consumption and especially the amount greatly affects sexual performance. Some sexual enhancement pills permit the use of alcohol when taking the pills, while others limit or state not to use alcohol while administering sexual performance drugs.

Exercise is linked to better circulation including blood flow to the penis for natural male enhancement treatment.

Some diseases and conditions actually inhibit the circulation of blood to the body which include the penis. Stopping medication is not optional in almost all instances making the men's health unbalanced.  Conditions like hypertension, hormone imbalance and thyroid dysfunction and a disease like diabetes greatly affect sexual performance just to name a few. Men's health care providers need to consider the health condition before prescribing any erectile dysfunction pills.

Medication will often times affect sexual performance. It is not just the condition for which the medicine is being taken, but the effect of the medication itself that has a direct influence on men's sexual performance. Pharmacists will instruct patients of some meds staying in the blood stream for several days and sometimes longer creating erectile dysfunction. Medicines have a shelf life and can either decrease or increase in potency over time again possibly remaining in the body, limiting sexual activity to optimum results for men.

Stress of performance and lack there of, inhibit sexual virility in men. Limiting stress can be a more than adequate alternative in sexual enhancement methods.

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Thanks for this interesting article.

My father gets testosterone shots and boy it makes a difference in his mood. He's in a great mood when he first gets the shot but right before he gets another shot he becomes depressed and moody. He obvously must not be having sexual problems with all the girlfriends that keep coming around. When his testosterone level is low you can tell. Great Article! Vote Up

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It does seem that stress is a major factor in inhibiting sexual function.... we all need more vacations! Great article, voted up.

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Good information Roberta, especially the bit about healthy living. Men must realise that a time will come when the natural body functions begin to fail. We are still animals after all, and our usefulness as breeding stock comes to an end sooner or later. Having lived a healthy life, we will live longer, and hopefully keep our blood flow in the right direction for a long and good time. Voted up (no pun intended!)

Very valuable info.

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