Pregnancy Myths and Tales
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Pregnancy Myths and Tales

Sex, lies and pregnancy myths... science disagrees with them but common sense and logic alone should have been enough.

Old wives tales aren't a reliable method of contraception, and certainly won't help with the inconvenience and cost of an unplanned pregnancy. This article will attempt to dispel a few pregnancy myths.

Many people believe that if a woman is breastfeeding she cannot get pregnant. However while it is true that breastfeeding stops ovulation in some women for some time, it is not a reliable or predictable method. Of women who breastfeed and have intercourse without contraception, 40% become pregnant.

Young girls often think that they can't get pregnant the 'first time'. They can and frequently do. Pregnancy depends on whether your body has released an egg, not on the number of times you have had intercourse. You can get pregnant on the first time or the tenth time or the hundredth time or any other time.

Another fallacy is 'I've had sex before and nothing happened, so I'm probably sterile'. Very few women are sterile and the chances of your being one of them are slim. You are far more likely to have been lucky and your luck is probably running out.

'I'm too young to get pregnant'. If you have started menstruating, i.e. having your periods, you are not too young. You can even get pregnant before you have your first period - because the period comes after the egg has been released.

So-called astrological birth control is said to work in much the same way as the rhythm method and dictates that you will avoid pregnancy if you abstain from intercourse during your sun-moon phase - the same phase that existed on the day that you were born. According to some astrologers, women release eggs twice each month, one in mid-cycle and once during the sun-moon phase. There is no scientific basis for this belief, and for a young girl who adopts it when embarking on a sexual relationship it is likely to prove futile nonsense.

  • Other old wives tales say that a girl won't get pregnant if she:
  • sneezes before or after having sex;
  • holds her breath when the boy reaches climax;
  • jumps up and down after intercourse so that the boy's sperm flows back out;
  • douches after intercourse so that the sperm is washed away;
  • has sex during her period.

None of these are true. Any girl and boy who are old enough to have sex are old enough not to lie to themselves with such nonsensical stories but to find out about proper contraception and how to use it.

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