The Lowdown on Male Sexual Addiction
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The Lowdown on Male Sexual Addiction

Is there such a condition, and is Tiger Woods addicted to sex?

Tiger Woods has recently completed a course (of some sort) at a facility for those in need of treatment for Sexual Addiction. Tiger has also said he is going back for more treatments. Meanwhile, he is now back being a Buddhist trying to find contentment in abstinence. Sexual Addiction, unlike Drug Addiction, and Alcoholism is not recognized by Medical Science as an addiction.  The book: "Clan of the Cave Bear"  a fictional story written by an Anthropologist, describes early man as hard-wired to roam the earth and have his way with every woman in his path. Some would argue that the wiring hasn't changed much over the years. And Man's desire for woman is what has made us propagate successfully as a species. That It is only societal constraints and restraints that prevent men from acting in the same manner today, right Tiger.

If there is such an ailment as Male Sexual Addiction, it could be safe to conclude it just may be the biggest epidemic the world has ever known because it has been going on since the beginning of time. Just look at the world population numbers that continue to grow each year. If its an addiction, then this addiction is so controlling it has spurred an entire industry into providing a product that could sustain the addiction long after physical capability.  Viagra and similar companies take in billions of dollars each year because of the demand. Men go through surgical procedures so as to enjoy plenty of sex without the consequences of an unplanned child. Prostitution, with very few exceptions, is practiced by women because the client is usually a man, and often times called: "John". The sex industry in this country and throughout the world flourishes in both good and bad times, it knows no economic downturn. Want to sell something, put a little sex in it. So, is it an addiction or a natural inclination - a hard-wired pre-disposition? Sexual activity also seems to be viewed differently in other countries, and not as much scandal arises when a highly visible prominent man is caught with his pants down. Tiger is/was married. That was the sin. Had he not been married, instead of being scandalized he would've given a whole new image to his name: Tiger.

There is nothing wrong with Tiger Woods. Nothing except that he's not playing golf where his high level of testosterone has always done him the most good. If Sex Addiction is real then I guess someone should take George Clooney to the emergency ward.

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